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Multi-Media Services and Support

Events Cable and Sound provides tournaments with a variety of multi-media production and broadcast solutions.  Through the use of our closed circuit TV systems, jumbo-tron presentations, Internet streaming services and other multi-media outlets, we provide each tournament with the ability to reach the public in more ways than ever before.  Tournaments and their sponsors and charities can take full advantage of the many methods we provide for exposing their products, services and other information.

Some of the multi-media services we provide are:

Custom PowerPoint presentations/Sponsor video loops played on closed circuit TVs and Jumbo-Tron screens at the course and hosting hotel cable systems.  We can also make sponsor video loops that play in shuttle buses running to and from your tournament.  Presentations can include print, graphics, video, flash ads, audio and more.  On course video presentations are shown without sound in consideration of the players.

On-line Streaming audio/video Internet presentations of Player Interviews and other video taped events. We can shoot, edit, title and provide daily up-dates to these on-line presentations that may be linked to from your tournament site. We host and up-date the presentations on our private server so once linked from your site the presentations are maintenance-free and run through-out the year.

MP3 Player press interview audio quotes can be made available to the broadcasting community in MP3 Sound Bytes. In association with ASAP Sports we can provide both print and audio source material for the press and media broadcasters.

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