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Media Center and Flash Area Interview Services

E.C.S. provides tournaments with the equipment, personnel and technology for a complete media/press center solution. We consider it our number one priority to make sure your attending press pool receives top quality, state-of-the-art service and hands-on support.  We also provide consulting services and advice to help keep your media needs fulfilled.

E.C.S. has, and continues to provided some of the biggest events in golf with media solutions that have literally "fed the world" with sound, video, print and other multi-media source material. From the initial pre-tournament interviews, through the winner's final comments, E.C.S. provides each tournament with the service and back-up support required to keep pace with today's evolving media structure and methods of transference to the public.

Some of the press area solutions we provide are:

Broadcast quality audio feeds from our press pool

Closed circuit TV systems that screen interviews live

Player interview P.A. systems and video capture systems

Flash interview area P.A. and video capture systems

Interview archiving to DVD and audio tape

Technical assistance with equipment use and set-up

Again, helping make your tournament's media center function to its best ability and attending to the needs of the press is our number one priority.

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