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About Events Cable and Sound
Staying abreast of and helping organizers better use the ever-expanding types of media capabilities available to their sponsors, audiences, and attending press pool, is what keeps us at the top of the industry.  We constantly strive to help make the media coverage of Professional Golf the best it can be and increase fan interest in each tournament we provide services to.

As the sport of Professional Golf grows in it's public appeal, so do the media demands required to support its growth.  With our state-of-the-art equipment, Internet exposure services and a team of technicians that has set the standards for years, E.C.S. continues to lead the industry when it comes to event media solutions.  We have supported many media professionals over the years and indeed make it our number one goal to act as the best supportive subservients to help them conduct their business. Again, we make media support our number one job to insure the event meets the standards modern media requires.

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